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RFP - CHAPA Piccadilly Road Works - Construction of Concrete Roads (Phase 1)

The Tenders Board of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, on behalf of Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA), invites interested vendors to submit a bid/proposal, for works and/or services related to the Construction of Concrete Roads (Phase 1) – Piccadilly Development Project.
The e-Procurement Platform for this tender is hosted by EASiBUY.  Should you require any assistance in accessing the platform, please feel free to contact Mr. Daniel Knight ( or Mr. Jamal Barnes (

There are three sections to this portal that you will utilize:
1.) Downloads
·       Documents can be downloaded by clicking on the attachment icons. 
2.) Tasks
·       Please check off each task once you have completed it so that we can review your submission and confirm completion.
3.) Uploads
·       Complete all forms required and upload them in this section.
Please be advised that the eligibility of your bid/proposal, is subject to the completion of a Vendor Registration Form, which is also available from the e-Procurement platform.
Bid/Proposal for this tender can be submitted by:
a)    uploading to the e-Procurement Platform or 

b)    submitting two hard copies in a sealed envelope addressed to: Chairman, Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance, Parliament Drive and with the heading “Construction of Concrete Roads (Phase 1) – Piccadilly Development Project”.

Bid submission shall be no later than 12:00 noon on Wednesday 19 May  2021.  

Queries or Clarification Requests regarding the specified requirements of this tender, must be emailed to: Chairman, Tenders Board (, with thesubject heading – CHAPA Piccadily Development Project, QueryPlease note that the final day for considering queriesrelated to this tender, is 2:00 PM on Thursday 15 April 2021.